Toilet Roll Holders

UDO Systems brings to you a diverse and sophisticated range of bathroom toilet roll holders designed to enhance your bathroom experience. From modern aesthetics to strong functionality, our collection caters to various preferences and needs.

Our strong toilet roll holder is designed to hold out daily usage while maintaining its integrity. Featuring secure mounting and innovative design, this holder ensures that your toilet paper remains in place, providing peace of mind along with an elegant addition to your bathroom. Explore our range of stylish, strong, and practical toilet roll holders, search our website on where purchase in store or online. We feature a myriad of design and finishing options so you can easily find the best toilet roll holder for your space.

Variety of Finishes- Enhance Your Aesthetics with Stylish Bathroom Accessories

Your bathroom is a reflection of your style, and that is why we strive to introduce bathroom hardware that caters to your design requirements but is practical and durable as well, and our range of toilet roll holders is a reflection of that.

Whether you prefer the sleek look of chrome, the timeless elegance of brushed nickel, the bold statement of black, or the luxurious touch of brushed gold, we have a toilet roll holder to complement your bathroom decor.

Timeless elegance with brushed nickel toilet roll holder

For that touch of sophistication, we offer the brushed nickel toilet roll holder. The PVD brushed nickel finish of this strong toilet roll holder not only adds a timeless class to your bathroom but also ensures resistance to wear and tear and durability, so you can easily elevate your space with this stylish and functional accessory.

Sleek and Modern Look with Chrome Toilet Roll Holder

Bring a modern flair to your bathroom with the chrome toilet roll holder. The sleek and polished chrome finish complements a contemporary design and also adds a touch of luxury to your space. Enjoy the combination of style and functionality that this secure toilet roll holder brings to your bathroom. For added convenience, we also feature the chrome double toilet roll holder. This innovative design allows you to have two rolls within easy reach, minimising the chances of running out at an inconvenient moment. Now, you can enjoy the practicality and efficiency of this double feature without compromises on the style factor.

Add a Luxurious Touch with Brushed Gold Toilet Roll Holder

Want opulence in bathroom décor? Our brushed gold toilet roll holder is designed to provide a touch of luxury to your space. Elevate your bathroom aesthetics with this statement piece that is the perfect combination of functionality with an exquisite PVD brushed gold finish.

Bold and Elegant Matte Black Toilet Roll Holder

Make a statement in your bathroom with a black modern toilet roll holder. This sleek and bold accessory adds a touch of contemporary elegance to your space with the contrast and sophistication of the black finish.

Best in Class- Buy Our Toilet Roll Holder Today

Complete your bathroom aesthetics and functionality requirements with the best-in-class toilet roll holder from UDO Systems. We offer our customers the option to buy our toilet paper holders online through our many resellers. So, you can browse our collection from the comfort of your home and have your chosen toilet roll holder delivered to your doorstep. Place your orders today. Contact us in case of queries!


What are the available finishes for the toilet roll holder?

The SecureFix* Master Rail Toilet Roll Holder is available in Chrome, Matte Black, Brushed Gold, and Brushed Nickel finishes so that you can choose according to your bathroom aesthetics.

How does the spring-loaded mechanism work in the toilet roll holder?

The spring-loaded mechanism in the toilet holder is achieved by using a pair of end pillars along with a spring insert. The spring insert provides the necessary tension to secure the toilet roll in place while allowing for easy removal when needed.

What are the advantages of a removable spring-loaded toilet roll holder?

The key advantage of this mechanism is the convenience of easily replacing the toilet roll. The spring-loaded mechanism ensures a secure hold during use, and the removable feature simplifies the replacement process, making maintenance hassle-free.

Where a toilet tissue holder should be placed in the bathroom?

The placement of the toilet paper holder depends on your preference and the layout of your bathroom. If you are not catering to any specific needs, choose the side that is most convenient for you and your family. Consider the available space, whether there is a wall, and always try mounting to a stud. If you are planning the bathroom design, wait until the toilet and vanity are placed to decide the optimal location. If you have a smaller bathroom, consider options like connecting it to the vanity rather than positioning it on the right or left side of the toilet.

How much distance should there ideally be between the toilet paper holder and the toilet?

To optimise accessibility, position your toilet paper holder between eight and twelve inches away from the toilet. Adjust within this range based on the height of the people in your household. The general guideline is to keep it within an arm's length, usually around 12 inches, ensuring a comfortable reach for most adults. Also, maintain a height of 26 inches above the floor for convenience.