Modern Bathroom Shelf Collection

Add a touch of modern style and functionality to your bathroom with UDO Systems. Unlike flimsy plastic alternatives, our durable metal bathroom shelf is built to last with a sleek, contemporary design. Now, keep your toiletries organised stylishly.

Browse our selection and find the perfect fit for your needs!

Key Features of Our Master Rail Range:

1.     Secure and Sturdy

Our innovative SecureFix system ensures a rock-solid installation with no visible brackets or screws for long-lasting solutions.

2.     Versatile Design

Available in a range of finishes (Chrome, Matte Black, Brushed Gold, Brushed Nickel) to complement any bathroom décor.

3.     Ample Storage Shelf For Bathroom

The 320mm width offers ample space to organize your toiletries, towels, and other bathroom essentials.

4.     Easy to Clean

The smooth metal surface is easy to wipe clean, keeping your bathroom looking fresh and hygienic.

5.     Australian-Made Quality

Invest in our durable bathroom shelf, designed and owned by Australians, built to last for years!


Streamlined Bathroom Storage Solutions

Tired of battling bathroom counter chaos? We offer stylish, secure solutions to maximize your shower and bathroom accessories.

Our diverse range boasts

Shower Shelf

Corner, niche, or floating, maximize your shower space with rust-resistant, secure shelves. Shampoo, conditioner, and razors have their haven.

Bathroom Shelf

Wall-mounted or freestanding, find the ideal size and style for towels, toiletries, or decorative accents. Organize your haven, your way.

Each shelf is precisely crafted with premium materials and reflects a minimalist design that complements any bathroom style. No drilling is required in our innovative mounting systems.

From Shelf to Bathroom Accessories, Your Top Choice – UDO Systems

Need more space than your constructed countertops? Our metal bathroom shelf is perfect for organizing your toiletries in style.

We’re the most ideal choice for your next bathroom upgrade because:

1.     Uncompromising Quality

Our Australian-designed products are meticulously crafted for strength and security. We ensure each piece surpasses industry standards, undergoing rigorous testing to deliver quality at an accessible price.

2.     Effortless Accessibility

Visit one of our extensive dealerships across Australia. See, touch, and envision how our shelves seamlessly integrate into your bathroom. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in creating a spa-like experience.

3.     Built to Last

Our commitment to quality extends beyond aesthetics. We use premium materials and expert craftsmanship to create shelves that resist wear and tear.

Discover the perfect solution for your space. Start designing your dream bathroom today!


Q: Do UDO Systems offer customisable shelf-to-bathroom options?

A: While we don't offer custom-made shelves, we provide a diverse range of sizes and finishes for different needs and preferences. Our Master Rail system allows for some level of customization by adding accessories like hooks and towel holders.

Q: Can I use the shelves in other rooms besides the bathroom?

A: While primarily designed for bathroom storage, some shelves like freestanding options, can be adapted for use in other rooms like laundry rooms or kitchens.

Q: How much weight can your modern bathroom shelf hold?

A: The weight capacity varies on the shelf model and size. You can find the specific weight capacity information on each product page on our website.

Q: How do I clean the shelves?

A: For regular cleaning, ● Simply wipe the shelves with a damp cloth and mild detergent. ● Avoid abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals.

Q: Which finish is right for me?

A: The best finish for you depends on your personal style and bathroom décor. ● Chrome shelf: Offers a classic, polished look that complements modern and traditional bathrooms. ● Brushed Gold shelf: Adds a touch of warmth and luxury to any bathroom. ● Brushed Nickel shelf: Provides a contemporary and sophisticated feel. ● Matte Black: Creates a bold and modern statement, perfect for minimalist bathrooms. Consider the overall colour scheme and materials in your bathroom to make your decision.